Bavaro Adventure Park

Bulevar Turístico del Este Punta Cana 23000 Dominican Republic


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What You Can Expect

– Zipline –
Enjoy an existing trip through the air! Zip climb and swing. A circuit of 3 cables a suspension bridge and a fast cable up to 35 Mph

– Zipline Pro –
Want more Adrenaline and thrills? Start with a climbing wall. A 7 line circuit with a handing bridge and fast cable up to 35 Mph

– Flight Simulator –
Feel like Flying? Our Flight simulator takes you up to the sky to enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view. Great fun for your friends and family, up to 3 persons can fly together!

– Zorbing –
Are you up for challenge? Roll downhill inside a giant ball,where you are safely secured inside its double cushioned walls. A fantastic experience all the way to the bottom!

– Mega Splash [Zipline splash] –
For an ultimate experience, come and enjoy a circuit of 6 lines, Himalayan Bridge and the exciting Mega Splash Cable landing in water. You’ll be amazed!!

– Horse back riding –
Discover our park on guided horseback tour. From the time you mount up until our first rest stop,scenes and natural wonders will open to you at every turn.

– Climbing Garden –
Discover our spectacular Pirate ship, a high rope course with 26 thrilling challenges. It’s great fun for kids and adults where everyone can explore their limits and abilities, regardless your age.

– Segway –
Tired of Boogies? don’t want to ride a bike? try cruising our latest SEGWAY PTX2, Specially designed for all terrain adventure, with a circuit that ‘ll take you throughout our natural park.

– Bungee Dome –
A 100% Adrenaline Rush! Jump up to 30 feet and enjoy the unique experience of doing acrobatic somersaults high in the air!

– Bike pump track –
Hope on our pump track with 16 ridges,curves,ramps,wall-rides, and a front stretch of full mtb apex! Plus additional single trails around the tropical forest!

– Paintball –
A blast of fun and excitement! a pure adrenaline rush! jump into bunkers crawl through the obstacles and hide wherever you can take your best shot.

– Mountain bike –
Try the best way to truly enjoy nature. Get ready for a Mountain bike adventure: two hours of trail riding discovering a 3 mile stretch of unspoiled Caribbean beach and cape engaño.

– Natural pool –
Relax, Refresh and enjoy our beautiful Lagoon with an impressive waterfall.

– Eco tour –
Join our park rangers. Learn about butterflies, orchids, cactus and Dozens of different Tropical fruits. See Iguanas, Parrots, Turtles and spiders. Art Exhibition from “El Artistico”

– Playground –
2 mini ziplines, Adventure Tower, Climbing Spider, Hanging bridge, Rocker, slide and swings, Climbing wall, mountain trampoline, Tightrope

– Dino World –
Take an epic trip into the Prehistoric world of dinosaurs! a large exhibition of real size Animatronic Dinosaur. Museum and Digging area for kids.

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 All you can Do in one day. Unlimited Attraction.  
Activity type : Daily Activity
Activity Time : 9:00 AM
Duration : All day
Maximum number of people : 1000
Venue Facilities : ROUND TRIP at the hotel by the BAVARO ADVENTURE BUS
Not Available
Departure date:

Best Price Guarantee Perfect and Safe for a Family day.


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